ForexSignalz Review

ForexSignalz Review

ForexSignalz, a signals provider service run by a team of professional traders, delivers Forex SMS signals in a constant manner on a variety of currency pairs. ForexSignalz provides signals for the major currency pairs including EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and others.

The signals sent out by ForexSignalz are kept short and timely, because they recognize the importance of time when it comes to lucrative trading and good profits are the primary goal of any signal service.

In fact, performance results is the key factor in the success of any Forex signals service and traders look at the service’s ratings when deciding on a signals provider. With that in mind, ForexSignalz lists its monthly ratings prominently on the landing page of its website. And its performance speaks for itself with approximately 65% of its trades ending up with a profit.

ForexSignalz prefers to send out conservative signals. Their goal is to finish the month with at least a minimum of profit and this helps newer and more anxious traders to feel more comfortable with the ForexSignalz service. This approach often comes at the expense of maximizing profits but ForexSignalz believes  that capital protection overrides greater gains.

At the time of this review, ForexSignalz was offering new members the opportunity to test out its Forex trading signals for 14 days for just $1. .

Forex Signals

Forex signals are given via SMS and email and are sent at around 12:00GMT and during London business hours. Some signals are given at other times. ForexSignalz may cancel signals before entry is triggered when market conditions change or if there is no momentum in the required direction.

The number of signals ForexSignalz sends out is not guaranteed and depends on the timely arrival of the necessary conservative set-ups. If they are late in coming, ForexSignalz will not send out inferior signals just to show they are active. On average, however, they send about 2 signals per week, but there can be periods of up to three weeks when no signals are sent out.

Trade Copying

Unlike many other Forex signal providers, ForexSignalz does not offer trade copying. They provide their signals primarily for instructional objectives and they are not meant to be used as investment advice. As such, members who use the signals in their own Forex trading accounts must enter and exit trades manually.

Some messages will signal immediate buying or selling at the market price. After the trade has been entered, traders receive a message with the stop loss and take profit targets. Should market conditions change, a message to that effect is sent out, informing traders to close open trades or to cancel trades.

All in all, ForexSignalz seems eager to provide profitable and educational signals to its members in a timely and user-friendly manner. So far, they are highly competitive with other Forex signal providers and have been able to report an impressive win rate.

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